After three weeks of being dominated by the Cambridges – and I only WISH it was actually as sexy as that sounds – we get some Hot Harry at the gym today in England, at the launch of the Invictus Games selection process where he was spotting some athletes during their workouts.

I say “spotting” rather generously. But are you telling me that the image of Harry helping another dude with his chest press doesn’t excite you? Fine. You can find me over there, being a perv.

Oh and I almost forgot…

Today is the 3 year wedding anniversary of his brother and sister-in-law William and Catherine. Ordinarily I’ve celebrated with a blog post but this time, I’m just so f-cking bored. And that’s probably a good thing. It’s their job to bore me. Besides, their son is doing a good job making up for their utter dullness. Is that a formula? Two dull people make an UN-dull kid? What we need then is for Big G to start hanging out more with his uncle ginger. Like maybe one day they’ll be roommates. Please let me still be writing this blog when that happens.