Hot Prince Harry has been in Australia the last few weeks on secondment with the military. He took a leave this weekend however and joined his father in Turkey to commemorate the centenary of the WWI Gallipoli campaign on Saturday. On Sunday he was home in London for the London Marathon, meeting racers at the finish line and spending time with volunteers. Some thought that the timing would be perfect and that he’d conveniently be in town for the arrival of the baby. According to US Weekly, he visited with Will and Kate in the morning but is now off, back to Australia for duty, and will miss the birth, not that he’d be too broken up about that. It’s not like if he was around he’d be in the delivery room.

I am curious though about the order of information. Obviously the Queen will be told first and no announcement can be made until she’s been informed. Which will not happen between 10pm and 8am whenever it does happen. Only then will they release it to the public. Given that Harry’s so far away, is it possible that we might find out before he does? Or do they send a telegram over to his army station? Do they send telegrams anymore?

One final note – I worry that Harry’s not using enough sunscreen Down Under.