Cressida Bonas studied dance. Her dream was to be a dancer. But now, according to UK royal gossips, she’s working as a PA at a London office because it would be unbecoming for Prince Harry’s future wife to have “dancer” on her bio. It’s OK that she went to school for it. Prince William, after all, went to school for art history. But to actually dance for a living is low classy by Her Majesty’s standards, I guess? So Cressie gave up her dance dreams in exchange for the possibility of marrying a prince. You could say it was the same with Kate Middleton. Kate however wasn’t exactly career focused. Her goal, all along, was to be the Princess Catherine. It wasn’t a sacrifice for her at all to not keep her job.

Cressie on the other hand seems to have a true passion for dance. And that’s why her relationship stalled with Harry at the beginning. Because initially, like Chelsy Davy, she didn’t want to forfeit her own life. They say now however that she’s changed her mind. She’s in love. She’s willing to let her ambitions be secondary to the wedding. OK. She’s 24. What happens in 10 years though? Cressie, if she does actually win the proposal, certainly won’t have the pressure that Katy Cambridge experiences. Harry was already the spare, and with the arrival of Prince George, his freedom, relative to his brother’s, has grown. But that still doesn’t mean his official companion would ever get permission to be a performer. One does not perform. One is performed FOR.