Like I said the other day in my post about the end of Martin Lawrence – click here for a refresher – now that Jennifer Lawrence has woken up from her boredom-induced Chris Martin sleep, it would be amazing if Hot Harry made this happen. She can continue her British streak. But will she have to contend to Cressie Bonas?

British gossips are saying today that Cressie wants Harry back and that she’s even getting her ma to help her strategise. I don’t know if I believe that. (Source) They keep trying to make it sound like Cressie wasn’t the one who was uncomfortable about what it means to be the Prince’s bonafide. That was the problem with Chelsy and it’s the problem with Cressie and it wouldn’t be a problem with a celebrity because they’re already used to it.

If not Jennifer Lawrence, let it be Taylor Swift.

Here’s Harry in London today attending a Remembrance service.