Hot Harry who was caught on camera cavorting nude in Las Vegas has returned to London. As I first reported yesterday - click here for a refresher - the heat is now on his protection officers for completely cocking up the assignment. Again, it’s not that they could have corrected or prevented the behaviour but that they failed to conceal it. TMZ also confirms that the security team is being held responsible.

And as for Harry?

Harry is now awaiting Her Majesty’s judgment. She is at Balmoral on holiday. She’s had enough to deal with as Prince Philip’s been in hospital. Can you imagine being the person, that poor poor person, who had to tell the Queen that her grandson, THIRD IN LINE TO HER THRONE, was photographed cupping his balls and showing his ass crack while folded over a naked American civilian? For shame!

But it’s the waiting that would be the worst part, non?

Remember the Olympic video when Daniel Craig as James Bond was escorted into the Queen’s study and had to stand there while she finished her writing, not to speak or to move until she did so first? This is what Harry’s going through now. Old Liz knows how to ice them. 

After that, for Harry, with the scampy twinkle in his eye and that charming smile, it will be nothing. Nothing by our standards. By his standards - torture. Dinner jackets every night, grounded in the castle, and made to engage in silly, boring reading. For Harry he’d rather be in a dungeon.

Is he sorry?

Not really.

Mostly with Harry there’s a sense of bitterness. Royal whining, if you will. And stomping around in his bedroom raging at the injustice:

I just want to live a normal life! I just want to be able to have fun like other people my age! I just want to LIVE! I’m a victim!

If only the Queen would tell him he sounds just like Lindsay Lohan. That’s actually way more embarrassing.