Sorry if I’ve gotten the terminology wrong. I just like how this sounds. Military Harry’s final tour. Like a recording artist.

He’s in Australia now to join the Australian Defence Force on secondment for a month before he retires from the British army in June after a decade of service. And this is why he didn’t join the royal family yesterday for Easter. The Cambridges, William and Catherine, weren’t there either but that’s because Kate has gone into hiding now until the child arrives.

As for Harry, he was greeted enthusiastically, especially by a ginger boy who made a sign to show his Ginger Pride. Ethan is 12, from Canberra, and apparently spent 3 hours putting his declaration together, hoping that his ginger mentor would see it and show some ginger solidarity. Which he did.

God, sometimes in these moments, I wonder if Harry would be the more beloved monarch.