Did you watch the Invictus Games Opening Ceremony last night? Even I got emotional. These athletes are true HEART. And the presentation of the entire event really speaks to how passionate and engaged Prince Harry has been behind the scenes, making this happen, raising awareness for the efforts of servicemen and women who are recovering through sport.

Harry continues to charm in Orlando. He spent the day hanging out with the athletes and their families. And a baby who clearly wasn’t feeling it. Perhaps the only human being ever to reject Hot Harry’s charm. This child will be told this story for the rest of his/her life. Remember when you denied the Ginger Prince, the most irresistible of all the princes?

Speaking of denying the prince, but not really, I just can’t think of a segue…

While Prince Harry is away from London, Jennifer Lawrence, the star I’m trying to Gossip Genie for him, happens to be in London for X-Men: Apocalypse. Here she is in a silver-white Old Hollywood glamour gown. I like how the dress clashes with the colour of her hair right now. But it’s reading so cheap, this material, especially around the breasts. I don’t understand why this doesn’t bother people as much as it bothers me.