Wearing THE SHIT out of a linen shirt and khakis. I love that Diana’s boys ended up so tall. And so well proportioned. William and Harry, they really, really fit their clothes, non?

Anyway, last week Hot Harry made us weak when he was sweet with the children and popped out a wiggly worm at just the right moment. This weekend he was back on a horse, playing polo for charity, and sharing a tender moment with a dog in car…


That’s too much goodness. You know why? Because he’s tactile with them. It’s unbridled, unbarred affection. Jacek is the same way with our dogs. There’s a lot of kissing. Sometimes it disgusts me. Like, he gets right into their mouths, sticks his nose underneath their flaps, to get the really, really pungent stank that comes off their gums. Then he does this thing, I’ve never understood it, where he’ll put his finger in there, rub it around their teeth so the stink is extra, extra rancid, puts it to his own nose and inhales like joy and then offers it to me like I’d want some of that too. Look, I LOVE my dogs, but this is gross. At least to me. Bet you Hot Harry wouldn’t think so though. Bet you Hot Harry would get right up in there.

There’s more to celebrate from this series of photos. I was alarmed during Wedding Week when there were a few shots of Hot Harry heading into the Abbey and a thinned out patch at the back of his head. You know, here at Ascot, with Charlize Theron in attendance, it doesn’t look so bad. I mean, in a few shots the wind is taking it but it still seems acceptably ample nonetheless.

Speaking of ginges, my puppy Barney is a ginge. Apparently ginge only beagles are like the chocolate labs of the beagle world which we only found out after we brought him home. Freakishly energetic, very, very annoying. Definitely Barney. Everyone hates Barney unless he’s not around or asleep.

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com and Splashnewsonline.com