Hot Harry on Jubilee tour is a continuous gift.
It Does.Not.Stop.

Yesterday Prince Harry raced Usain Bolt. Then he held hands hugged with the Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller. Harry is a good hugger. A great hugger. Look how he puts his entire body into it. Look how he wraps his arms around her like he can’t get close enough.


And there’s more.

There’s Hot Harry wearing blue suede shoes. Because he’s dancing again. He’s been dancing on every stop like it’s one of his official duties.

You want to see what it looks like in motion? You want to see Hot Harry winding up and grinding up with his hand up like he’s looking for an ass to tap? Stir it up, baby. Stir.It.Up.

OMG this video is the best thing that ever happened to us. How many times will you watch this today?

Also, one more here - Harry is a leg shaker! Gross! SO low classy!

Raw Video: Prince Harry Dances in Jamaica by associatedpress