Into the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred

Did you have to learn that poem in school? For me it was Grade 4. Around about there. We had to memorise and recite it in front of class. I was always really good at memorisation without actually knowing what the sh-t meant.

It seems an appropriate association now to Hot Harry on a Horse. Courage...but maybe not a lot of smarts?

Anyway we’re studying English poetry today because Prince Harry has a new girl with Light Brigade roots. The UK Sun is reporting that Harry is messing around with a girl called Florence Brudenell-Bruce. The Earl of Cardigan who led the Charge of the Light Brigade is one of her ancestors. Obviously she’s super rich and connected and well versed in upyourassness. Also she’s a model and actress. Of course. Florence owns a townhouse in Notting Hill worth something like 2.5 million pounds. That’s where she and Harry have been messing around. Oh, and she’s blonde, goes by “Flee” to her friends but I think Flo is a much more hilarious nickname. Can we go with that?

Flo used to date Jensen Button the race car driver. Hot. Apparently she also collects art. 25 years old and already collects art. When asked about her relationship with Harry yesterday, a flustered Flo replied, "There's not much to say".

The two reportedly got into it after Hot Harry ended things, again, with Chelsy Davy. This is Flo on Monday at a Gucci party. And some glamour shots of her in her underwear. All good news. Because now that we’ve broken the skin barrier, we’re one step closer to Hot Harry and Blake Lively.

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