How Hot Harry on a Horse pees off the helicopter

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 22, 2013 18:29:42 January 22, 2013 18:29:42


Can you imagine the Queen’s face?

Her grandson, the third in line to her throne, is giving an OFFICIAL interview, inside an Apache helicopter, about pulling his dick out during a mission and letting it go because he can’t hold it anymore.

Dude, if Captain Wales, a proper royal, can talk about weeing and peeing, I will TALK ABOUT MY POO ALL I WANT.

So as you know, Hot Harry is on his way home now after spending 4 months on duty. Select media were allowed to visit Harry at Christmas where he showed them where he lived and played. Harry was supposedly initially reluctant to give access to the press, although he seems remarkably comfortable describing his existence as an ordinary soldier, without any delicate treatment.

Harry also complains about his family’s lack of privacy, particularly how he was treated after the Vegas incident. Acknowledging that he behaved stupidly, he then whinged about the subsequent coverage, calling it “unacceptable”, even though no one was obliging him to take his clothes off in front of a group of randoms in a hotel suite in LAS VEGAS.

Happily then, military service did NOT mature our Harry. Never. And, well, as you can see from some of these videos, he really is that guy, reclined on the couch, a beer in one hand and his cock in the other, half asleep until the bell rings. So, you know, it’s rich when he gets all defensive about being a dude with a regular army job who takes weekends off like it’s owed to him. Harry seems to think that enlisting is a choice for everyone, rather than the only option they ever had. And I’m not sure he knows about what happens after. He gets to go back to a palace. The others go back to a life that’s often rougher than a tent in Afghanistan. Amazingly he can actually then, later on, with a straight face, insist that he and his brother are not “special”.

Let’s stick to interviews about pee.


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