Like I said earlier, I’m kissing your ass with photos and few words today. Prince Harry is still in Africa. The other day he played polo. He fell off the horse a couple of times but wasn’t hurt. And he’s on a horse. Bonus one.

Bonus two:

He visited a youth centre today that rehabilitates kids who’ve been involved in gangs and criminal activity. Look at him making goofy expressions and playing and they’re all having so much fun and laughing and once again it’s Harry who’s the most appealing face of his family right now. Hot Harry, the royal MVP.

In other royal news…

New photos of Princess Charlotte, taken by Princess Catherine, were released this weekend. Little Charlotte has lovely blue eyes and is very taken with her toy. Amazingly, AMAZINGLY, her big brother Big G did not crash this photo shoot and make it all about himself. Which means they probably had to distract him by giving him something to bludgeon, or bestow him a new kingdom. That’s pretty much the only way he’d not show up for someone else’s pictures. Big G is like the Justin Timberlake of royal babies.