Prince Harry’s tour of the Caribbean ended on Sunday. Instead of flying home to London, he went straight to Toronto to see Meghan Markle. Apparently there were blacked out SUVs outside her house yesterday and security seen walking about. It’s been over 3 weeks since they’ve spent time together. And he didn’t have a lot of time to begin with as he’s expected in London for a scheduled appearance tomorrow, Wednesday. Which means at most it’s a 48 hour visit, and even that’s cutting it close.

So. The logical conclusion is…

He really missed her, they missed each other, they couldn’t possibly wait any longer to be around each other, OMGGGGGGGG.

OK but now what? Again, he has to be in London for an event tomorrow. Does she go with him? Or do they wait until their trip? Remember US Weekly reported weeks ago – and they’ve been much more accurate on the Harry/Meghan situation than the UK papers – that Harry and Meghan will be going on holiday together this month. It’s coming up soon so that they can make it home for Christmas. As for whether she’d join him for Christmas, probably doubtful if an engagement hasn’t happened yet. I mean Harry's certainly taken some liberties with standard royal behaviour but he’s not going to completely sh-t on the recognised protocol either…is he?

Here's Meghan in Toronto yesterday after a yoga class and Prince Harry wrapping up his Caribbean tour on the weekend.