Prince Harry was at a charity polo match last weekend. There was a party afterwards. And now these pictures of him with actress Jenna Coleman have been released – click here to see. Is that what it looks like when Harry’s making the moves on someone? I mean there’s Photo Assumption and then there’s Photo Conclusion. It’s hard to read this any other way. His hand on her knee. Her legs lifted up and tilted towards him. Their upper bodies facing each other. Come on. They might not have sealed it that night but there had to have been a Part 2, let me text you later or next week.

Jenna, by the way, before her intriguing evening with Prince Harry, used to date Richard Madden, formerly known as Robb Stark, also Cinderella’s Prince Charming. Write your own joke. She was with Richard through the Cinderella press tour but British gossips are now saying that they broke up in April. Well this is an upgrade, non? If, that is, it’s for more than one night. I wonder if the palace is now actively discouraging his interest. An actress? Not generally on the approved list of appropriate companions. Even if they relaxed the standards for Harry, it’s not like they wouldn’t do a full background check of all her work either. Would you put it past them for shaming her for any so-called “immodest” scenes she may have been in? Remember the big f-cking deal everybody made of Kate Middleton in that university fashion show?

Now imagine them clutching their pearls if Harry wanted to marry a girl who’d made out with a guy on camera before? I suppose we’re getting ahead of ourselves now.

Here’s Harry today attending the Tony Bennett Lady Gaga performance in London.