Thought this might turn you on because, babies.

At the closing ceremony for The Invictus Games last weekend, a young girl, 5, the daughter of a wounded serviceman competing in the games, couldn't see the show and started crying. A royal ride to the rescue. Prince Harry was there to hoist her up on his shoulders. I'll wait until you're done squealing.

Ok. So in the previous post about Harry, I mentioned that he seems to have a thing about girls whose names start with "C". And then a reader called Andrea emailed and suggested a request for the Gossip Genie.

Cara Delevingne.

God. Yes.

For a few wild nights, totally. But probably not a relationship. Because if she had to play the protocol? She'd be so bored. Also, I'd be worried for him performance-wise. Like all the other girls he deals with run in circles with blazer-wearing country club boys who wear tassels on their loafers. Cara's circle is much more varied. Actually, what am I talking about. Those rich preppy f-cks are often the most depraved and twisted.