On his knees!

Look at him, thrusting his hips forward, ready to swivel. Am I imagining it? I might be imagining it. Also, I love him in the pink apron. Next time he gets caught with his clothes off in Vegas, he should cover himself with a pink apron.

After his holiday with Fergie and girlfriend Cressida (Cress-ih-duh) Bonas in Switzerland last week, Harry’s now in Lesotho supporting his charity Sentebale. The foundation’s goal is to build the Mamohato Centre, providing psychological support for children and young people infected with HIV. Harry met with community youth and social workers. He also might need a haircut.

In other Harry news, he apparently bought Cressida a pair of Canadian mukluks. Click here to see the style. For us Chinese, it’s bad luck to gift shoes. Based on this, my ma would say they shouldn’t be together.