There’s apparently no helicopter training over Thanksgiving in Arizona so, fresh from his adventures in Vegas, Prince Harry is now supposedly in Los Angeles, evidently eager to spend the weekend surrounded by fake and plastic - breasts, chins, lips, friendships, and more, along with all the other indulgences Hollywood has to offer.

His tour guide?

Well, David Beckham was seen visiting Hot Harry at his hotel. And while Becks has done a great job making people forget he was Tiger Woods before Tiger Woods, many still wonder if he’s completely shut down that part of himself that cannot resist temptation.

I want you to picture a Hollywood-style club. Filled with Hollywood-style girls. And Prince Harry and David Beckham roll in together. Can you imagine the rush of pussy? Of the famewhoring, awesomely opportunistic variety?

And you know, Victoria, it’s not like she can say no. It’s not like she can forbid her husband from hanging out with the third in line to the THRONE OF ENGLAND.

Or ...maybe it’s Becks who’ll be charged with looking after the royal family f-ck up while he’s in his neighbourhood, making sure he doesn’t impregnate Mariah Yeater in the bathroom. I kinda think David Beckham, babysitter, might actually be more hilarious than David Beckham, wingman. Gossip Genie’s project for the weekend.