The British papers are all over Hot Harry's new romance with Mollie King today. She's a member of the UK girl pop group The Saturdays. (They do a great job over there building their own Star System, don't they? We need to get on this in Canada.) Apparently Harry and Mollie have known each other a couple of years and as soon as she broke up with her boyfriend, wily Harry moved in on it. The two have been getting close on the London club scene and, since he's just moved out of his dad's place, he's been taking her back to his flat at Kensington Palace.

Mollie is totally Hot Harry's type: blonde, cute, and party-friendly. She also, as you can see, resembles Chelsy Davy, with a side of Sienna Miller.

It was one thing for Will to bring home a girl with no incesty blood who has managed too keep all her sh-t tight and get down with the Royal handbook, it's another for his brother to drag a dancing, singing entertainment girl into Buck House for tea time with the Queen. And no historical credentials? No proper breeding? How will all this go down?