Day 1 of Royal Ascot. The Queen was joined by a few of her grandchildren including Zara Phillips and Prince Harry who wore a top hat, per the dress code. Oh of course there’s a dress code. A strict dress code. When I was in Windsor a few weeks ago, I wanted to walk the Long Walk. It’s like 10km or something. The Queen travels by carriage along the Long Walk from Windsor to Royal Ascot every time she goes. People line the path to wave at her. I ended up going to eat at Wagamama instead. Why can’t they bring Wagamama to Canada?

Busy day for Harry. Earlier he met with First Lady Michelle Obama at Kensington Palace. They talked about supporting veterans’ programs and educating girls around the world. There was tea and sweets:



That looks like a pretty chill meeting, right? FLOTUS is so disarming and personable. And, well, so is Harry. I’m willing to believe that it was a lot less awkward and stilted in that room than we normally expect from these occasions.

In other Harry news, he and his brother recorded this video which was posted on British Monarchy Twitter account congratulating the Queen’s Young Leaders.



But those posh accents are STRONG, aren’t they? Listen to the way William says “Commonwealth”. It’s more like “calm-wealth”. Harry is a much more compelling speaker than his brother.