Horrible the way it was exposed like that, non? Hot Harry on a Horse was serving in peace, then his secret was blown outta the water, forcing him to come home early, apart from his regiment.

Now that he’s home safely though, new photos have been released from Hot Harry’s tour of duty. Looks like while in the desert though, he replaced alcohol with carbohydrates. Little bloaty around the face, non?

But… bloat or not…Hot Harry on a Horse is the hottest. And he can still wear the sh*t out of a pair of pants. Michael K from DListed.com hilariously calls him Hot Ginge. Hot Ginge can put his Hot Gingey ethics into me any time he wants.

Also attached – photos of Hot Harry getting picked up at the airport by dad and beaver toothed big brother. And Hot Harry with a journalist the day after, freshly shaved, talking about his experience, humbly positing that he’s no “hero”, that he was simply honoured to have had the opportunity to serve alongside his countrymen.

By the way – has the army relaxed its stance on hair? What happened to mandatory crew cuts? Is that just the marines? Must just be the marines.

Still… I’m thinking it’d be a little more “covert” if Hot Harry on a Horse at least had a disguise, non? There’s only two things you associate with a red head like that: Lindsay Lohan’s firecrotch and a Royal Prince. And for the Taliban, both are worth bombing.

Just sayin’…

Photos from Wenn.com