See? It could totally be a daily feature. And it could feature Hot Harry on a Horse every f-cking day. Because, as we know, he is the loose cannon, the blundering spare.

Last time it was the army video. This time he’s hating on black people.

According to comedian Stephen K Amos, who performed at Prince Charles’s 60th birthday celebration in November, Harry was trying to be funny when he said to him: You don’t sound like a black chap.

Amos recalled: "I wanted to say, 'How is I supposed to sound?'”

Understandably people are outraged. But the question is: why are they surprised? He’s a member of the aristocracy. They were colonising people just over 100 years ago. You think he was raised by and hangs out with people who believe in colour equality? Please.

And there are still Whites-Only country clubs in America so it’s not like it’s only across the Atlantic.

Hot Harry on a Horse is a product of his environment, surrounded by bigotry and ignorance. I really pick the winners, don’t I? F-ck.

But to bring it back to a smutty angle, I’ll leave this for you to psychoanalyse – did you know that on the sly, when Harry’s hooking up undercover, his preference is for black girls? Slamdunk, yes. Theorise away….

Here’s Harry in the stands at a rugby match the other day.


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