US Weekly posted an exclusive this morning about Prince Harry with the best title:

Prince Harry Is ‘Fed Up With the Single Life’ and ‘Serious About Settling Down’

I’m leaning in.

According to the magazine, Harry is “ready for love”. But then, hilariously, the next detail in the story is about how Harry’s chasing two women in the UK right now.

The 31-year-old British royal is currently pursuing two women in the U.K. "He's enjoying getting to know them, but he’s not officially dating anyone," says the source, emphasizing that the former Army captain is not "just messing around."

Continues the source, "Harry is serious about settling down. He’s single, but he’s putting himself out there to find someone."

How does Prince Harry, 5th in line to the throne of England, “put himself out there” on the scene? Is there a royal Tinder/Hinge/Bumble? Supposedly Harry was dealing with a PR assistant from Dior at the beginning of January but it was just a hookup in LA because she lives too far away and they’re just friends now. Please. What’s distance when you’re a prince of England?

I’ve had someone in mind for Hot Harry since October 2014: Jennifer Lawrence.

She does love an accent. And they’re both scamps. And it’s not like she’d be unused to the spotlight. In fact, she might have the sense of humour required to live in that pressure. I am here for this. Think of the possibility of the possibility of Jennifer Lawrence having to hang out with Princess Catherine. Katy Cambridge, the model of self-control and studied charm and poise, next to Jennifer Lawrence, the tripping, farting, verbally excessive Hollywood star. Please Gossip Genie, give us this dream. 

Attached: Jennifer Lawrence in NYC today.