Team GB has been owning the velodrome. We were watching the men’s sprint yesterday - you know the event where they spend the first few laps mindf-cking each other before actually racing? Ryan Lochte shouldn’t be a cyclist. Jacek gets really shouty over the race where the athletes are paced by the dude on the white bike who looks like he’s going for a leisurely ride through the field to pick up some bread and a pint of milk. God I love the Olympics.

Anyway, check out Harry getting all fist pumpy and fangirly in the stands today. Unlike his brother last week, he didn’t have a wife to hug so he settled on his cousin Peter Phillips instead. Other royal cousins in attendance included Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie with their mother Sarah Ferguson.

On the CTV feed at one point they put the camera on Kobe Bryant who was sitting with, ahem, Stephanie Rice. Stephanie Rice should be sitting with Hot Harry is what I’m saying.