He looked sad last night at the end of the Closing Ceremony, didn't he? He looked...bereft. And God I wish they cut away to him more often. There was a shot of him and Kate whistling but wouldn't you have preferred to see him getting down to Taio Cruz? Saying ay-oh?

As the senior Royal representing the Family, it was a grim-faced Harry who took his place next to Jacques Rogge. I wonder if that was the instruction: we are not, ever, effusive at formal functions. And Hot Harry, especially after his first official tour earlier this year, is very much taking seriously his duties these days. I imagine it must be addictive, making Granny proud. While that responsibility usually falls to his brother, Will was at work and his dad, who enjoys speaking to plants, doesn't exactly reflect the spirit of youth that the Olympics, even in these corporate-driven times, purports to uphold.

So here we are, in addition to mourning the end of the Games, we must also revert back to the reality that Harry sightings will be sporadic and rather stiff. That applies too to the Cambridges who most certainly will have few excuses to jump up and down and hug each other.

Will Harry make it to Rio 2016? Will Harry be married by Rio 2016? Will they have to triple the condom supply for Rio 2016? If ever there was a Games where sex could be an Olympic sport, it would be in Rio.