The Palace announced the other day that Captain Wales - that’s his really hot army name - was named Best Co-Pilot Gunner upon completion of helicopter training. You’ll recall, Harry spent a couple of months in America late last year to finish off the programme. I guess all those trips to the bars and pubs in San Diego and Vegas didn’t hurt his studies.

Captain Wales’s father, the Prince of Wales, Charles, said he was “very proud” of his son.

Well of course. The family f-ck up actually won an award! I mean, Hot Harry’s not usually the child who gets the gold star at school, you know?

Here he is at RAF Honington today meeting up with Afghanistan veterans and looking over new equipment; he might be using some of it on his next mission.

Busy day for Captain Wales. He was also at BAFTA for the Walking With The Wounded Everest launch. You’ll recall, he went with Walking With The Wounded partway to the North Pole last year and was expected to join them again this time. Military commitments however are preventing Captain Wales from participating and he is said to be very disappointed. Many are convinced this is further confirmation that he’ll be heading to Afghanistan soon, especially since he desperately wants to serve, like really get out there and use those helicopter skills. But not before he celebrates with a trip to various destinations in the Caribbean to represent his grandmother’s Diamond Jubilee. Captain Wales will be in Belize, the Bahamas, and Jamaica next month, and then off to Rio de Janeiro. I’m sure he hates this itinerary.