Prince Harry is also at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow with his brother and sister-in-law. You remember when his grandmother the Queen photobombed a few young students last week?

Harry did the same thing to some people from Massey University.

I don’t know why I’m such an ignorant asshole but it surprised me to see the young royals with a phone. Of course they’d have phones. Obviously they’d have phones. But having it around in public – does it seem, like, common? Impolite? Behaviour unbecoming?

If there were any time to want to be sitting behind them, this would be it. To creep on what Katy Cambridge might have on her phone. Maybe it’s a new dress from Zara. Maybe it’s the nanny sending her an update on Big G. Maybe it’s a text from her boring-ass sister. Maybe she’s creeping on Cressida Bonas’s Instragram and gossiping. No. Not that. That would actually make Kate interesting.