Prince Harry walked 17 miles today with Walking With The Wounded for their Walk of Britain. Harry joined the team for part of their 1,000 mile scheduled journey that is supposed to conclude in November at Buckingham Palace. As you can see, he looks f-cking adorable in his backpack and of course he was sweet and friendly to onlookers and well-wishers along the route.

In the last three weeks we’ve seen Harry almost every other day. Since his return from Africa he’s been as visible and as accessible as he’s ever been. This is why they’re saying he’s the most popular royal – because, despite being a prince and the 5th in line to the throne of England, Harry feels close.

As for the beard, it’s taking on its own life. This thing is being watered. And I do like it right now but I’m not sure I can handle it if it gets thicker which would require maintenance and trimming to keep it exactly as it is now. But the idea of him spending time meticulously keeping it at this stage isn’t a turn on either. So maybe it’s best if he just shaves soon. I’m with Granny on this.