Looks like Kate Middleton’s not the only one who lost weight for the wedding. Hot Harry went on a North Pole Trek with Walking With The Wounded last month and was at the homecoming press conference today in London looking…


Just in time to step into his military gear and stand with his brother at the altar at Westminster Abbey on Friday, with his girlfriend in one of the pews. Can I be really, really obnoxious for a minute and um gloat about my own prescience?



I really, really do.

Like, it might be a problem how much I love him.

There is nothing better than Prince Harry smiling and laughing. Nothing.

If I were going to the Wedding I’d spend 5 minutes taking in Kate’s dress, and the rest of the time staring at Hot Harry and Chelsy and hoping they make out in front of me. Pervy, right? And I’m normally the girl who always picks the dress over the guy!

But Diana knew. She knew there would be in her second, the spare, something of the mischievous mixed with the sexy and sweet and funny and stupid all at the same time that we would find irresistible.

We did a shoot this morning in a horse-drawn carriage, Ben Mulroney and I, for etalk, that will air tomorrow, along the procession route between the Abbey and Buckingham Palace. They’re in the process of hanging Union Jacks along the Mall (remember to pronounce is MALL as in it rhymes with PAL), two long strips of flags waving along the boulevard as you approach the palace gates…

It’s incredibly majestic, and you can’t help but be overwhelmed by the grandeur of it all, AS A SPECTATOR, and if you can imagine, that day, there will be no cars, and literally hundreds of thousands of people crowded on both sides of the Mall, nine horses pulling the Prince and a brand new Princess – imagine, just f-cking imagine how she must be feeling, how she will feel with all those eyes? Billions of eyes?

To say nothing of what’s about to go down at Westminster Abbey. That walk down the aisle is imposing enough…

But did you know that there will be 60 cameras mounted inside the church?

60 cameras!

Put it this way –

At the opening ceremony for the Olympics in Vancouver, at GM Place, which can seat 20,000, as opposed to the 2,000 at the Abbey, there were 27 cameras. So…

That’s perspective.

60 cameras! At the Abbey alone!

The production is being directed by the stage manager for X Factor.

So when you’re watching her, when you’re watching her glide up there perfectly, and as you’ve watched her in the months leading up to this spectacle, remember she knows all this too. And think about how crushing that pressure must be. She’s handling it beautifully, she really, really is.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com and Chris Jackson/Gettyimages.com