It’s Monday. And Hot Harry is riding around on his horse wearing the sh-t out of his white pants and getting super cute with dogs and babies. It might help the week go by faster.

I mean...
Sometimes you’re just born to it. He was born to ride. He was born to ride in khakis and boots and wear them off the field and into his car, dirty, muddy, and’s OK.

Where Harry is concerned, I also believe he was born with a stink that endears him to animals. Lupo belongs to the Cambridges, obviously, but I think Lupo’s special love is his Uncle Harry who cannot resist a dog’s face and never resists the urge to shove his own into it. Jacek is like this. With a, um, certain musk that makes him irresistible to dogs - any dogs, any cats, and for that matter, any pets - and while we both smother ours, constantly kissing them and hugging them and throwing ourselves at them, I draw the line at gum-smelling, which is Jacek’s specialty: he puts his nose right onto their lips and inhales, and he admits it smells rancid but he loves it all the same.

This, no doubt, is Harry too. Harry who complains about dinner jackets, who would rather not shower, with one hand on a beer and the other down his pants while watching tv, Harry has the musk. Dogs love the musk.

How much do you love the shot of a rather docile Lupo being ass-greeted by an eager friend?