We all do it. Some do it when they leave for university. Some stay until they’re married. I recently saw Jeff, Who Lives At Home starring Jason Segel, Ed Helms, Susan Sarandon, and Judy Greer (who is SO lovely) and Segel’s character is around 30 and still lives in his ma’s basement smoking pot. At the junket I asked him the age at which it’s no longer appropriate to be staying at your parents’ and he told me he moved out at 17 and in his mind, though his parents are great, you need to be out of there no later than 20. Susan, a mom, felt differently about having her kids with her at home. She’s ok with however long it takes. And certainly, in some cultures, there’s not the same North American expectation of independent living as you mature. I know Chinese people who’ve shared a residence with their folks the whole time and still now. It’s built-in babysitting too.

And then there are the Royals. I suppose when “home” is always a palace or a mega mega manor, when even small sections of the estate are bigger than shopping malls, “moving out” means something different.

Up to recently, Hot Harry lived with this dad at Clarence House. He and Prince William used to occupy a “suite of rooms” there together. Will and Kate now live in a cottage at Kensington Palace. Harry apparently has just moved into a one bedroom apartment also at Kensington Palace. It used to be a “staff” dwelling and isn’t the first class spread you might associate with someone in his position.

In other words, Harry hooked up his own Bachelor Pad.

Where he can fall asleep on the couch after too many beer with his hand down his pants and not have to worry about dad getting on his ass about sleeping in too late. Does Harry play video games? Will he stock up on instant noodles?

If I were Lupo, the Cambridge’s puppy, I’d be over at Uncle Harry’s all the time. Dogs like a place with a certain musky stink. That’s my house.

Attached - photos of Harry at a rugby game on March 17 that I never had a chance to post.