Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie were out together at the Arts Club in Mayfair on Friday night until 2am. According to UK gossips - never super reliable - Harry at one point was seen being sick in front of the girls’ loo. Some people then boasted about standing in it afterwards on Facebook.

Would you stand in a puddle of Hot Harry’s puke?

Anyway, both Harry and Eugenie were required to be royal and proper the next morning for Trooping The Colour. For someone who was hitting it so hard just a few hours before, Harry looked great and not terribly hung-over in his blue beret, my favourite. I like to believe he is his grandfather’s favourite. That it’s Harry who can tease the Duke of Edinburgh about farts and hearing aids and get away with it. Which is why he must be the favourite uncle too. Check him out being all cute with Savannah Phillips. It’s like he relates better to babies and dogs.

You know what else I love about Will and Hot Harry playing polo? They always wear white pants after. No one else has ever looked as great in white pants. Also these shots of Harry with Zara with whom he’s always been close - we desperately need a Young Royals documentary.