The royal people have confirmed that Prince William’s stag went down this weekend though they will not release any more details. All that’s known is that it took place at a private estate, 20 attended, and Hot Harry planned it. Well done. See? He doesn’t always f-ck it up.

Re: who was actually there, this is my favourite sentence as noted by

“The guest-list… included close friends Thomas van Straubenzee, James Meade, nightclub owner Guy Pelly and any number of the four van Cutsem brothers.”

Any number + the four van Cutsem brothers pretty much sums up the up-your-assness of this crowd. It’s like “Benedict Cumberbatch”. How can you possibly take that seriously?

Anyway, the stag had to happen soon because Harry’s leaving for the North Pole on Tuesday. He’s joining a 5 day expedition with Walking With The Wounded to raise money for retraining and rehabilition of British service personnel. The entire trek is to be 3 weeks if they are successful. Harry’s apparently been serious about readying himself for the mission though in typical Harry fashion, he’s also been keeping it light. During a photo shoot in support of the expedition for British GQ, while testing out a weight vest that the team uses to prep, Harry joked:

"Can I do most of my training wearing this thing in bed?"


What they say about him, it really isn’t an exaggeration. But goddamn he looks sooooo SOOOO good in the pictures.

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