Prince Hot Harry on a Horse was on his horse this weekend at a polo match. I do like a ginger in red. Uncle Ginger might be an uncle again…that is if you believe Jessica Hay. Hay claims to be an old friend of Katy Cambridge. When Katy was pregnant with Big G, it was Hay who told the media that she was expecting (November 2012) and that she’d be making an announcement the following month. Which happened. So everyone is all like, Jessica Hay knows what she’s talking about.

And she claims to know again.

Last time, Hay gave her scoop to New Day Magazine in Australia. Once again she’s telling New Day that people in Kate’s inner circle know about the Spare and her hair is grey because of the Spare and she’s fuller in the face because of the Spare, and yes, there is a Spare.

OK. The woman has a good track record. A better track record than, say, The Daily Mail. But …

Why New Day?

Why not a publication with a bigger footprint? Are the “major” ones not talking to her because she’s been blacklisted by the Palace? Because at this point, she can’t be a friend anymore. In fact, I’m sure the Cambridges have given the order to shut her out. Somehow, if this is true, and we’ll find out in a few weeks, she’s managed to thwart them. But still she has to feed her information to a lower tier outlet.
And this is what’s bothering me.

Like, don’t you think the Daily Mail would want this tip?