London is looking for its Next. After the excitement of the Royal Wedding, and the Queen’s Jubilee followed by those amazing Olympics, there’s no party on the horizon, nothing to look forward to...

Which is why this article appeared in the Telegraph last week:

Why Prince Harry must marry - soon!

The writer goes on to say that Harry’s all mature and responsible now, representing the family studiously at the Closing Ceremony and managing to stay out of trouble for some time now:

Granted, two years ago he was forever being photographed falling out of nightclubs, covered in sweat and booze. But today we have a new Harry, one who has witnessed the domestic bliss enjoyed by the Cambridges, one who allows himself to be called by his official title of Prince Henry, one who (whisper it) is said to be almost teetotal. Take, for example, his response to the Canadian kayaker Michael Tayler, who asked him where the best place in London to party is. “I don’t go out any more,” Harry is said to have replied. “I’m too old, I’m too old.”

Almost teetotal?

Our Harry?

Not going out and not drinking?

In Vegas?

Not quite. Not even close.

PEOPLE reports that he was shirtless at Wet Republic on Saturday. One doesn’t go to an establishment called Wet Republic to drink water. There was vodka. There was a beach ball. There were ladies. There were ladies in the pool. There was ...Ryan Lochte?

Lochte and Harry apparently ended up at the same club on Sunday night. Here’s Lochte flexing his abs on the red carpet. Am I crazy in not being into his body? Like I said a couple weeks ago - click here for a refresher - it’s very Tom Cruise, all those muscles smashed together and looking weirdly caved when he sucks in for cameras.

As for whether or not Lochte and Harry (they’re the same age!) doubled up to take over the world’s supply of pussy, right now, no one has made up any stories ... yet.

Click here to see photos of Harry partying in Vegas.

Attached photo courtesy @jasminejea.

Lochte photos from Wenn.