Just to be clear, he was proposed to. He didn’t propose.

Prince Harry met with the public today in Sydney at the end of his secondment with the Australian army. At one point, a 21 year old woman with a MARRY ME sign clutched onto him and managed to get off a kiss. But it wasn’t just the young ladies who went into Harry hysteria. Harry works for the golden girls too. And he was just as sweet with them. Look at this shot of that old sweetie reaching out and cupping his cheek. She also leaned in for a kiss. And she almost got his neck. God he is cute.

In other Harry news…

Is Chelsy Davy making a comeback?

The Daily Mail reported earlier this week that she and Harry have been talking about meeting up soon before she heads to South Africa. The Daily Mail is hardly reliable. But at the same time, I’ve always thought of Chelsy as Harry’s Camilla. And I don’t know if that story is over yet. Or if it will ever be over.

If I could script it though, my ultimate Harry Gossip Screenplay would involve a triangle between Harry, Taylor Swift, and Chelsy. Chelsy’s the tampon and Taylor’s the People’s Princess. Come on!