Prince William escorted his grandmother the Queen today during her visit to RAF Valley where Williams is stationed as a search and rescue helicopter pilot. Cute, right? I like the one shot of her talking at him and he’s tucking his chin into his flight suit.

Today is April 1st. It’s officially Wedding Month!

I just saw my first “Royal Moment” from St Andrew’s, Scotland broadcast on Canada AM this morning. The piece will air through the day across all CTV platforms, including tonight on the National News. When we were shooting it, Dylan kept coaching me on how to “be a proper news reporter”. Anyway, our royal coverage will roll out all month, and beginning April 25, etalk will be on location in London, coming at you live on Wedding Day proper April 29th.

Unfortunately, no media outlet will have access inside the reception where Hot Harry will be delivering his best man speech. Harry told the BBC that he wasn’t planning on writing a masterpiece, that his remarks would be rather ordinary, but that:

“It's me and a couple of his friends, so between the three of us, we'll make sure that we dig him in the ribs a few times and embarrass him. Make him lose some hair."

Jesus little bro, talk about pouring salt onto the sore bald spot. And please, don’t kid yourself and think that just because he’s a Prince, he doesn’t care about the sore bald spot. Crown or not, every man cares about the sore bald spot. And then there’s your ginger younger sibling, without the weight of first born-ness on his shoulders, but instead an abundant growth of hair on his head…

Like, look at the photo (click here) decided to run alongside this story. As if we needed a side by side reminder. I’m going to screencap it just in case they realise the awkward obviousness of it and pull it down.

Also attached – Hot Harry putting his extra beer padding to good use this week in Norway during training with Walking With The Wounded as they prepare for their arctic trek.

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