But first, when you have time, maybe at lunch, I highly encourage you to watch all three parts of this CBS exclusive interview. It’s not often the British royals grant interviews. And when they do, we finally get a snapshot of their mannerisms - what happens when they’re animated, how comfortable they are answering candidly, or how uncomfortable they are in their position. In Harry’s case, you see a lot of his mother. Remember how she used to dip her head and look up during an answer? Remember the way she sort of bit her lips and sucked them both in slightly at the end of a sentence? There is so much more Diana in Harry than comes across in still pictures. And he’s also much less...stiff... than you’d expect given where and how he was raised. When asked for example about what he’d talk about with his parents at the dinner table, he’s rather honest about the “kinds of dinner parties” he would be expected to attend as a child, and therefore how excruciatingly boring he found it to be as a young boy.

Not surprisingly though, what’s making most headlines in the UK are Harry’s comments about his love life. And, as the journalist subsequently notes, he wasn’t even going there. The question was:

“Does (royalty) live up to the fairy tale?”

And here was Harry’s reply:

“Not at all. (Giggles) As any girl would ever tell you. ‘It’s sort of, Oh my God, he’s a prince’, but no, um, the job that it entails, I mean look, I’m 27 years old, and, um, not so much searching for someone to fulfill the role but obviously, you know, finding someone that would be willing to take it on but, uh, yeah, um, it has been slightly strange this trip especially since the fact that I’ve been representing my grandmother and yeah, people go crazy for royalty, they would go crazy for David Beckham...the Commonwealth countries, fine, I can understand that, and the hype, but the warmth of reception was beyond anything I’d ever expect.”

You see what happened there?

For some reason, Harry started talking about a girlfriend...and then realised he just voluntarily opened a door he did not want to walk through, and then had to stumble his way back.

Oh but the insight in that one super long sentence, non?

It’s not that there aren’t any girls, because, come on, there are SO MANY. But how about the girls who’d not only be capable of stepping into that role but WILLING to do so, to give up their anonymity, to live a life of DUTY...?

They’ve been saying for a long, long time that it wasn’t Harry who didn’t want Chelsy. It was Chelsy who didn’t want what being Mrs Harry would be like. And I wonder if Harry’s just confirmed it to be true. Which kinda makes me dig Chelsy even more. She’s rich, no doubt, so obviously she’s never needed the financial benefits of being a royal consort. But so many young women would drop everything else for the dream of becoming a Princess without seriously considering the practical ramifications. You saw the effect of that on the late Princess of Wales. And as such, how that resulted in the Preparation of Catherine Cambridge.

What he needs is a Kate Middleton. What he desires on the other hand...


It’s not going to be Pippa, put it that way.

How about what he says about celebrating his “Granny’s” Diamond Jubilee? He drops a line in there about taking her “out on the town”. Can you imagine? And still, I think that might not be too far from the truth: that Harry is the grandson who can goof with his “Granny” more than anyone else. Because, as we know, Harry is the family scamp. The one who f-cks up all the time but who is too adorable not to be indulged.

Note too the intensity with which Harry speaks about returning to Afghanistan. He can barely contain his irritation at both the fact that he’s not yet been sent back and the debate over whether or not he should be.

I’m telling you - all three parts of this are worth watching. I’ve attached the section about the “fairy tale” first, and then the other two after.

Harry all grown up?