Prince Harry wrote a piece for Fast Company about how the social value of social media is being undermined by toxicity and is urging major companies to participate in rehabilitating social media platforms. He says that he and Meghan Markle have been meeting with business leaders to determine how best to begin fixing the problem which is, in part, why they travelled to Stanford earlier this year. The Sussexes currently do not have any social media accounts and it’ll be interesting to see, when and if they relaunch them, how they’ll use those platforms to tackle this priority. (Dlisted)


There’s been a lot of bra talk during this pandemic. Many people have overhauled their bra lives while working from home. I have not overhauled my bra life because for years now, all I wear is sports bras. Or no bra. For those of you are living a different bra life, will you go back to your pre-COVID bra style when this is all over? (Pajiba)

Julie & Julia came out eleven years ago. Does it seem like it’s been that long? It feels like… I dunno… six years. Why is time so weird? Anyway, here are some photos from the press tour. Yoko Ono was there! (Go Fug Yourself)  

Oh, right. Sean Penn married Leila George. We haven’t talked about it yet but for those of you who are, we now have details about the wedding and their relationship. Apparently there was a breakup and he had to work hard to win her back. I don’t even want to imagine what that looks like. (Cele|bitchy)

Quiz time! You know I love a food quiz that tells me what my age is. This time it’s about diner food – whatever you’d order or not order at a diner will determine how old you are. Apparently, according to my food choices, I’m 18 years old. I’LL TAKE IT! (Buzzfeed)