Harry has been a total rock star in Jamaica. Yesterday he put on his army clothes and spent some time with the Jamaican defence force, firing a few rounds at an outdoor range. As you can see from the video below, he’s very accurate.

I really like the part where he wipes the sweat off his head with the red towel. There’s something about his forearms.

I also really, really like the part where he flies the helicopter, having graduated first in his helicopter training course recently.

Look how at ease he is - equally so when he’s manning a military vessel as he is when he’s greeting supporters and well-wishers in a crowd. Like I said the other day, you really can’t teach this.

They say Her Majesty will be very pleased with Harry when he gets home. Hot Harry did a great job with an itinerary so suited to his, um, particular talents.

Harry is due in Brazil tomorrow. Hot Harry in Rio?

He really doesn’t stop giving.