The family supports Hot Harry

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 21, 2013 16:46:12 May 21, 2013 16:46:12

Harry was busy yesterday. He and his brother visited with injured service personnel in Tidworth -- click here to see those photos if you missed them -- and then he was in London at the Chelsea Flower Show in support of his Sentebale charity’s forget-me-not garden. And his family came to support HIM!

Check him out with his dad, Prince Charles, and step-mother, Camilla. Harry apparently worked very closely with organisers in the design and, adorably, Charles teased his son about the project:

“This is the great garden is it, after all that effort? I was wondering if it didn't exist.”

The banter between the two seemed really cute too, as Harry joked back:

“If there is anything here which might catch your eye we could probably come to a deal. You can't have it, but we can come to a deal.”

And Charles replied feigning exasperation: 

“A deal?!”

And then it was grandpa’s turn. Prince Philip showed up and Harry told him that they tried to make the garden look like a nightclub dance floor. Scamp. Grandpa actually believed him and was all befuddled, like “really”?

“No, Grandpa, they wouldn't let us.”

They ADORE him. And you can see it all over the Queen’s face. She ADORES him. She adores the irresistible ginger f-ck-up. I *think* this might be the first time she’s been seen with him in public, officially, since he cupped his balls on camera in Vegas...? If I’m wrong, I know you’ll tell me.


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