Having already seen the BBC’s The Diamond Queen, Katie Couric’s royal special was actually kinda meh. What else is Will to say when asked about his mother? That Diana would not have wanted to meet Kate? He’s to be king one day. Of course he wants to have children. Does he have a choice?

More interesting, always, is what happens with Hot Harry.

It’s Harry who complains about the dinner jackets. It’s Harry who doesn’t quite rehearse all his answers. And two of his answers were most telling. First, on the subject of being a father:

"I've longed for kids since I was very, very young. And so ... I'm waiting to find the right person, someone who's willing to take on the job."

Isn’t that interesting the way he refers to a potential future wife? That it’s a JOB? It’s DEFINITELY a job. It’s certainly not romantic and it doesn’t fuel any princessy daydreams, but it’s mostly a job. It’s a job that Chelsy Davy wasn’t ready to take on. Will she ever be?

Chelsy and Harry are spending time again together on the low. For Harry, it will always be Chelsy. But Chelsy has no illusions about what life with Royal Harry would be like. And that life doesn’t seem to be in line with what she wants for herself. She really wants to practise law. Right now, she’d rather practise law than ready herself to be his Princess. I kinda love this about her.

But how long can this go on? When Katie asked Harry about his first royal tour on his own, Harry conceded that it would have been easier as part of a couple, to have a partner on the journey:

“I’ve always said that it’d probably be easier as a, as a couple. I don’t have anyone. I wasn’t allowed to bring anybody with me.”

Well that can’t have been part of the script. Harry wasn’t allowed because Harry isn’t married. And bringing a “girlfriend” just isn’t how we do. Needless to say, in this moment of candour, it sounds like Harry is ready to have a full time companion. And I’m told he’d love for that person to be Chelsy. It’s just...not up to him right now. Chelsy doesn’t want the job. That’s probably how they discuss it. And that’s probably why that’s what he calls it. A Job. They talk about when or if she’ll take the Job. They have a few years yet to decide. If you were her, how would you decide?

Right now she has no limits on her time. She can do what she wants. She can say what she likes. She’s independently wealthy. If she takes the job, she gets wealthier and more people tell her where to go, what to wear, how to speak, what to think, and when she can go on holiday. Is Harry worth it? I wonder if Harry knows he’s not worth it. Because, being raised the way he was, he would probably make the choice not to too.