Harry got all dressed up today for the Chelsea Pensioners Founders Day Parade at Royal Hospital. I love it when he wears his baby blue beret.

While he was there, Us Weekly reports that he was stopped by an 85 year old veteran called William Titchmarsh who asked him when he’s getting married. Old people can get away with the most amazing sh-t.

Harry was taken aback. His answer:

"Not for a long time. Who put you up to ask me that?"

Quipped Mr Titchmarch: "They'll shoot me in the morning!"

Then Harry complimented the marchers while giving the gears to Will, not present:

"I find it terrifying that your drill is so much better than my brothers', but it doesn't surprise me."

Cute, right?

Such a scamp!

But that’s no surprise, is it? That Harry won’t marry any time soon? He and Chelsy are still messing around with the on/off-ness, and, well, it’s Harry. Look at him. He’s not ready. He might not ever be ready. And he might not ever totally get over Chelsy. If you’re the girl who’s planning on being his wife, that is a reality you need to accept. Think of his father.

Besides, if it’s any Royal who’d hook up with someone Hollywood, it’s Harry. One of these days, he needs to find himself a starlet. Just for a few months. Until the Queen orders it to stop. And then a million headlines to follow. Single Harry is Good for Gossip.

Photos from Wenn.com