This is why Harry was voted the Most Popular Royal last year ahead of even his granny, the Queen. And this is what sets him apart from his brother and his sister-in-law…who’ve either forgotten spontaneity or have been asked to bury it in themselves.

Because wherever Harry goes, despite the fact that Vegas is well behind him now, you never know when he’ll take it off-script. Off-script when you’re naked and cupping your balls is a problem. Off-script with paint on your hand and mashing it against the bald head of a royal photographer is perfect. Arthur Edwards has a good reputation with the royal family. He’s been shooting them for years. He’s been shooting Harry since he was born. I imagine he would have loved this gesture of familiarity. You can tell because the official Kensington Palace Twitter account posted it:



These are the moments you can feel Diana. Harry is irresistible. And this playful spirit, an invaluable asset to the family, shouldn't be dulled by a princess robot. That’s what he’s saying when he talks about not being able to meet someone who can handle the “pressure” of being part of it. Because anyone who’s compatible with him wouldn’t want to turn into a dullard like Katy Cambridge.