TMZ, the outlet that first secured the photos of Prince Harry cupping his balls in Vegas exactly a week ago today, is reporting that he will not keep a low profile during the Paralympics and refuses to hide after the scandal. St James’s Palace also announced today that Harry will attend the WellChild awards ceremony on Monday to present and to speak. All this as new rumours are circulating that there’s more to come from  that weekend -- Vegas gossips claim that “something pretty gigantic” is being investigated by the Wynn where Harry stayed last week. That was yesterday. Then this morning, Radar jumped on board with their usual bullsh-t second place reporting (they’re connected to Star Magazine so, you know) about the existence of a video from the naked billiards night. They’ve a source who claims that someone’s shopping the video around and that it’s “far from tame”. And yet no other specific details even though the source is supposedly familiar with the situation and says it could result “in the biggest Royal scandal ever”. And amazingly the Radar reporter could not manage any follow-up questions to get more information.

So what is it, if there’s even anything at all?

Video of the same, of Harry going freestyle around a hotel suite with naked girls around will attract more attention, certainly. But I don’t know if that qualifies as something “gigantic”. Gigantic would be penetration. Which...I can’t see Harry participating in a public f-ck, can you? I can however see Harry snorting a line off a girl’s Brazilian. That would totally qualify as “gigantic”. That’s the kind of sh-t the Wynn would be most concerned about.

Like I said, IF there’s even anything at all.

Harry would know, obviously. If that’s what he was up to that night, and he’s already been blindsided by the naked pictures, he should be bracing for a bigger punch. Given that he’s committed to a public appearance on Monday, he’s either not concerned about it because nothing more serious than a game of naked billiards went down, or, maybe he knows it’s been taken care of.

How powerful is the Royal Family? Could the Royal Family shut things down like Chinese Communism? Straight boss styles and mafia tactics? I don’t know. I mean they couldn’t even stop the Sun from publishing those pictures of Harry putting his ass up to the camera. Or all of us knowing that Prince Charles wanted to be a tampon inside Camilla. No with them, if they could, it’d be more of pay-off and a confidentiality agreement which, I often wonder, in the Twitter generation, if money is as important as attention anymore. Some of them might actually turn down millions for the chance to be on tv for free.

It is in this environment that Harry forgot himself, stupid, stupid Prince.