What’s up pervs? Did you think this was the title of a new porn? I agree with you. It totally should be. Or at least a calendar.

Prince Harry is in Salford today visiting with firefighters and ambulance crew members who were called out to assist during the riots last week. Yesterday Prince Charles and Camilla were out in Croydon surveying riot damage and meeting with the community. Sounds like the royal mandate is to get out there and console the people. Where are Will and Kate??? Will must be working. I miss them.

As you can see, Harry seemed pretty popular, especially at the fire station. Look at them lined up against the fire truck all giggly and shy. Also that gave me an excuse to say “fire station. As in “excellent fire station! And now...back to the studio!” It’s really too bad this fire station wasn’t in Lewisham.

Oh and that little guy is called Harry too. He’s 2. And appears to be demonstrating what all of us really want to do in Big Harry’s presence.

Photos from WPA Pool/Gettyimages.com