Of course he was.

Would you expect anything less from our royal scamp?

The UK Sun has now published the pictures of Prince Harry naked in Vegas, disregarding an order from the Palace to the British press, arguing that it was in the public interest to do so. The Sun also claims to have more detail about what happened that night which...

First of all, you know the British papers are sh-t about reliability and second, TMZ broke the story to begin with meaning they had direct contact with the person in possession of those images. And The Sun is now just coming in, 3 days later, claiming to have more exclusive information, information that TMZ didn’t have access to? Sure. Fine. Why not. It’s not like Harry and his entourage didn’t leave the door wide open.

The Sun reports that Harry picked out the girl who was eventually wrapped in his arms while he raised his ass to the camera. They played strip billiards and since he was just wearing his swim trunks, he was the one who got naked first. After the game, they put their clothes back on and talked on the couch for a while. At the end of the night, just before dawn, he disappeared with her. That was Friday night. There was no mention of her after that.

But you know what was almost more disappointing than anything else? Apparently Harry kept saying he was excited about “partying with JLo!” the next night. Picturing these words coming out of his head is a major deflator.

Harry is now at Balmoral with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. That’s a fine way to welcome home your grandpa after his release from hospital, isn’t it? Harry feels sh-tty, of course, but he’s still pretty sulky too, as evidenced in the statement his friend Arthur Landon, who was with him in Vegas, has given about the incident. 

“I obviously think it is really despicable that someone would accept Prince Harry’s hospitality and then take these pictures. I know it has put a real dampener on everybody who was on that holiday.”

Oh boo!

Billionaire playboys came back from fun times high rolling in Vegas and their memories aren’t as awesome as they should have been - oh boo!

And that’s how they feel, you know? The rich people who were victimised? The prince who was victimised? That’s how they feel. That’s why he’s stomping around today in his grandmother’s castle, pouting that he might not be able to hit up the clubs in London tonight, at least not for another week or so.