Hot Harry will always love Chelsy

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 26, 2012 21:15:10 March 26, 2012 21:15:10

HereΓÇÖs Prince Harry on Saturday night leaving a club almost like heΓÇÖs forcing them to send him back to Afghanistan. Let me go, or I will piss away all the goodwill IΓÇÖve accumulated by getting drunk every night and doing nothing better with my life.

The night before, Harry and Chelsy Davy were both at Princess EugenieΓÇÖs birthday party. According to UK gossips, they were rather close and seemed super happy to see each other and heΓÇÖs been wearing a pendant she gave him so this might mean theyΓÇÖre back together but no one is really sure.

It doesnΓÇÖt matter if theyΓÇÖre officially back together or not. IΓÇÖm telling you, Chelsy is HarryΓÇÖs Camilla. He will always love her. He will always love that she didnΓÇÖt want the life he could give her. Yes, yes, Chelsy looked really sh-t at Will and KateΓÇÖs wedding. But Chelsy also surprises in ways Kate never will.

Maybe sheΓÇÖll change her mind when Harry Dear Johns her from the battlefield. But IΓÇÖll be dead by the time they release the letters to the Royal Archives. F-ck.


Jesal Parshotam/Splash

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