Prince Harry was out yesterday, commemorating Remembrance Day at a private viewing of Wounded: The Legacy of War photography exhibit by Bryan Adams. Young wounded servicemen and women in Iraq and Afghanistan are featured in the images. OK, royal gossips. Where did your mind go to just now? Did you remember that it’s long been rumoured that Princess Diana and Bryan Adams had a thing? For the record, I’ve never believed it. But they were friends, definitely friends. Just friends. Like she was friends with Elton John.

Over in America, Big Prince George’s other uncle, James Middleton, was promoting something on Good Morning America. Obviously they only agreed to have him on the show because he’s related to Katy Cambridge and Pippa’s being recruited by The Today Show. So they asked him about the wedding and what it’s like to be related to her and he revealed that he was the one who gave Will and Kate Lupo when he was a puppy. I didn’t know that.

As for Big G, James described his relationship with his nephew this way:

"The most wonderful thing is everybody was celebrating with us, becoming an uncle and my parents becoming grandparents. I still see Prince George as my nephew and want to be the best uncle possible. Like any uncle I want to be the cool uncle, I want to be the fun uncle, what shall we get him for Christmas this year, how can we stand out…”

Is it weird that he has to call his nephew “Prince George”?

As for being the cool uncle…

Well… if the Middleton dress code is any indication, who do you think Big G will want to hang with when he grows up?

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