These pictures of Prince Harry and Lady Gaga, with Tony Bennett last night, crack me up. It’s the glitter eyebrows, which I totally want to try one day. And she’s standing there, with her glorious cleavage front and centre (and this is TAME by her standards!), next to a dude from the squarest family in the world. Of course he’s probably the least square member of that square family but the juxtaposition is still delightful.

Anyway, PEOPLE reported late yesterday afternoon that Harry might not be at Princess Charlotte’s christening on July 5 because he might have left already for Africa by then.


This means he won’t be present in the official family portraits. Here’s one from last time:

And one that includes the Middletons, when he had to stand next to Pippa:

So, basically, if he’s not around, we have to look at lots of pictures including Pippa and NONE with Harry’s weirdly dorky smile. My summer is ruined.

PS How many times do you think Big G has ripped Aunt Pippa’s hair out?