Prince Harry was in Toronto today to promote the Invictus Games 2017. He hung out with athletes and our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and they attended a hockey game.

Justin Trudeau is pretty popular internationally. Hot Harry is VERY popular internationally. So these photos of them being best friends and laughing together are probably going to explode a few of you. Melissa Grelo, our co-host on The Social, and a royal family superfan, had the honour of introducing Prince Harry at one of his events today. Look at her face. This is pure joy.


No words. @kensingtonroyal @justinpjtrudeau @therealcabbie @invictustoronto

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In other Harry news, there was an item that came into my inbox last Friday that I couldn’t get to in time. Remember when I Gossip Genied Harry and Daisy Ridley after he and Prince William visited the Star Wars set? Click here for a refresher.

Well according to E!, he and Will also dressed up as Stormtroopers to film a secret scene for Episode VIII, kinda like Daniel Craig in Episode VII. According to a source:

"I know that one of the Stormtroopers, not sure if William or Harry, was required to pat Daisy's bottom as he walked past her.”

Um… DEFINITELY Harry. Harry patted Daisy’s bottom? Sh-t, you think the Genie is working already?